Citibank Credit Card Payment Online

If you are a Citibank customer then you are in good company. The Citibank credit card payment online services are considered to be one of the most popular and one of the most superior throughout the world. The Citibank Company boasts as many as 15 million users across the globe. The company has expanded well beyond the United States to service over 100 nations including Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore. Besides credit cards and banking services Citibank offers investment products and insurance products.

If you decide to stop sending checks in the mail and instead decide to give the Citibank credit card payment online system a try you will not be disappointed that you did. You can say goodbye to envelopes, stamps and long lines at the post office and can say hello to the convenience of making your payments over the Internet, thanks to the advances of modern technology.

Make a Citibank Credit Card Payment Online

The process for using the online system is easy to learn. Once you start using it all the time you will become a pro at it before too long! To start, visit the Citibank website . Select the country you live in. This will take you to the homepage for your country. You then need to choose your preferred language (your native language in other words).

  • To make a Citibank credit card payment online you should select the Epay option featured at the site.
  • Look down at the bottom right hand area of the homepage for this feature.
  • To create an account online you must type in your credit card number or your 16-digit ATM number.
  • You also must provide your bank information which is to say your checking account number as well as your transit or routing number.
  • If you have more than one bank account then decide beforehand which one you wish to pay your Citibank account out of.
  • It is the information for this account that you must provide at the online Citibank website.
  • The next thing you will see is a transaction acknowledgement screen once you have input all of the relevant information.
  • You will be told whether the payment was a success or a failure. If there was a failure in transmission then you will need to do it over again.

The wonderful thing about the Citibank credit card payment online system is that you do not have to go to the site and put in how much you wish to pay on a particular date. Instead you can set your payment date and schedule the payment cycle that works for you.

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