Woolworths (Woolies) Credit Card Payment Online

Woolworths, known also as Woolies, is Australia’s biggest grocery chain and offers a Mastercard that is issued on behalf of HSBC Bank Australia Limited. The Everyday Money credit card provides reward incentives for purchases made with the Woolies Mastercard. Members receive 3 points for every dollar spent on Woolworths Select products, but not including online purchases. 2 points are received for other products purchased at either Woolworths or Safeway. 1 point per dollar is allocated for all other purchases. Every four months and contingent upon enough points being accrued to qualify for the minimum $20, Woolworths automatically sends out a redeemable shopping card valid at participating locations.  The Everyday Money card charges no annual fee the first year, however the cost rises to $49 annually after the first anniversary of the first statement received after the first transaction.

To be eligible for the Everyday Money card, applicants must be 18 years of age, residents of Australia and earn a minimum of $20,000 before taxes. It also helps to have a good credit rating. Proof of income along with identification documents also need to be supplied. Interested parties can choose to apply online through the website, or by collecting an application from a Woolworths or Safeway store. Applications can also be mailed by request via telephone from Customer Service. Because the card is issued by HSBC Bank Australia Limited, applicants must also agree to submit to their terms and conditions. Cards are usually received within seven days of approval.

Make A Woolworths (Woolies) Credit Card Payment Online

Approved card members can also register for online access by calling the Customer Service line.

  • They will need to have their six digit access code available. Once registered for Everyday Money Online, it is possible to make a Woolworths (Woolies) Credit Card payment online.
  • Outstanding balances require a minimum payment of the higher of $30 or 2.5% of the existing balance.
  • Payments must be made on a monthly basis.
  • One time payments can be made by simply electing the bank account from which you want the funds withdrawn.
  • Card holders can also elect to have the payments automatically made each month by enrolling in their Direct Debit program by simply downloading and completing the  Direct Debit Request form.

By enrolling in Everyday Money Online, card holders can not only make their Woolworths (Woolies) Credit Card payment online, they also have access to other conveniences, such as monitoring the account balance and usage, viewing the available credit, checking the transaction history, and viewing the rewards earned. The freedom to access online self-service options is a welcome convenience that allows card holders a secure way to manage their finances remotely.

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