AT&T (AT and T) Credit Card Payment Online

If you have an AT & T card then you can take the worry out of paying your credit card every month by using the AT & T (AT and T) credit card payment online service. The website for AT & T is carefully governed by the VeriSign services. Having the best security possible is a number one concern of this service. When you use the online site you are assured for your safety and peace of mind that the website is secure because of its valid SSL certificate.

The online payment system has plenty of benefits that are worth knowing about. If you wish to make your life much simpler than it is already then you can make your routine of paying your monthly utility bills online with your AT & T card. Quickly and easily you can set up recurring payments on your card.

But that is only the beginning of what the AT & T (AT and T) credit card payment online service can do for you. When you make payments online with your AT and T card you can save up to 10 percent in the first year of making payments in this manner and you can save five percent after that time has elapsed.

You can effectively manage a variety of payments this way and you can also view comprehensive statements over the Internet. Whatever you need to find out about your credit card you can find it out on the secure website. Just login and do what you need to do!

AT&T (AT and T) Credit Card Payment Services

  • View your account summary, current or past statements, unbilled activity and more.
  • Pay your bills online.
  • Get statements online only with Paperless Statements.
  • Choose to receive customized account alerts via email.

AT&T (AT and T) Credit Card  Rewards

On every dollar spent on non-AT & T utility bills you can earn one “Thank You” reward point, up to 50,000 points on a yearly basis. The AT & T Company makes it such that as a customer you have zero liability on all charges and transactions that appear on your account that were not authorized by you. If your card gets lost, goes missing or is stolen then this is information that is important to know before the fact!
If you decide to set up bill payments then you must get into contact with the merchants in question and let them know. The same is the case if you decide to schedule recurring payments or discontinue a payment schedule. Not telling the merchant will not be a good surprise for you or the merchant! In fact when you decide to make any changes at all to the AT & T (AT and T) credit card payment online process you need to plan well in advances for the alternations. You also need to make alternate arrangements if that is necessary.

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