Shell Credit Card Payment Online

Shell credit cards are part of the Citicards network and handled by Citibank. The Shell card specifically has a host of features and benefits designed with the frequent commuter in mind. Holders of the Shell card are given the convenience and security of “swipe and pump”, gasoline purchases can be tracked separately as well. Accounts can be managed online and the Shell card can be used at over 250,000 ATMs across the United States. Because the Shell card is issued by Citi also means that you receive specialized assistance should the card fall in to the wrong hands and your identity be stolen. In addition, the Shell card is accepted at participating Jiffy Lube locations nationwide.

Registering for online account access is a convenient alternative to traditional account management. Access to your account information is immediate and protected from third party viewing. Some of the advantages to online access include the ability to view statements, schedule payments, make one time payments through the internet, bring your profile information up to date, and even download and print specific and simple to understand reports. Account online is a free service that does not preclude you from receiving your monthly statements through the mail.

Making your Shell credit card payment online is a hassle free way to ensure that your account is up to date and you don’t incur any unnecessary late fees for failure to get your payment submitted in a timely manner. When you register for online access you will need to provide specific data, including your account number and identity information. You will be prompted to choose a unique username and password, which will need to be confirmed. Security questions will need to be chosen as well, in the event that you misplace or forget your password.

To make a Shell credit card payment online you will need to log in to Account Online, using the username and password you created. Go to the payment page and choose the amount you wish to pay, along with the date you want the payment posted. It will be necessary to add the bank and account information for the institution you wish to withdraw the funds from. Through the payments page you are also given the ability to view relevant information that pertains to past, current and future Shell credit card payments.

You can be certain that your online account and sensitive information will be handled securely through Citibank. The site itself boasts the highest level of internet security through 128-bit encryption. If fraudulent transactions are suspected, you can access an identity theft specialist that will guide you through the process until your case has been resolved. If any unusual activity is detected on your Shell credit card, you will be contacted directly.

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Carole A.Drake May 16, 2010 at 6:08 am

I used to be able to pay my credit card payment each month easily on-line. Now I find it a very complicated process and usually end up paying over the phone. I have had my Marks & Spencer credit card for some time and have registered to pay on-line with all the necessary passwords, etc., but I cannot even click on the initial web page now, without it throwing up a totally irrelevant page for my payment process. Could you please simplify it for us Senior customers who were not born with a computer in their pram. After all, we are customers too, and judging from my friends, good customers!!
I hope you can help with this.

VIRA GARZA August 19, 2010 at 7:54 pm

I am so angry at Shell Credit card services, I’ve only had my Shell gas card for 3 months and have nothing but problems with their stupid identity theft protection. They ask you to enter your zip code and of course I do, and what happens? The machine says “see cashier” and cashier tells me they can’t do a damn thing, and I need to find another way of paying for my gas. I have to ask my friend who followed me to the gas station thank GOD for $40, the cashier called customer service and entered my card # it said I had a balance of over $900 and she still wouldn’t use my card. They even had my drivers license and now I’m cutting up this damn credit card just like I did the Chevron/Texaco card I had for 15 years and they too pissed me off with the same bullshit…ever since they decided to make their customers pay the price for their incompetent security features…I have cut up the Shell credit card, and now I’m in search of another gas company that will treat me with the respect I deserve. I am sick of Shell, they do NOT have a 24 hour customer service for an emergency such as this. You lost a great customer and so did Chevron. You foolish people!!!

'Leona Hagel February 22, 2012 at 1:30 pm

I would love to make a payment with the choice of my bank account.

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