Thomas Cook Card Payment Online

The Thomas Cook Company is one of the most prominent and successful travel agents found in the United Kingdom. This company offers credit cards to its customers who travel a lot. The cards are meant to make travel arrangements with this esteemed travel agency all that much simpler and more convenient for the customer. To choose Thomas Cook is to choose wisely!

Your Thomas Cook card can be paid in a variety of ways and one of those is through the Thomas Cook payment online system. Applying for a card is relatively easy. You must be a resident of the UK who is 18 years of age or older. Having a good history is another aspect of the criteria for eligibility. If you would like to apply for a Thomas Cook credit card then you can either visit your local Thomas cook store or a local Going Places store or you can apply at the website found at . You can also apply over the phone. The phone number for the Thomas Cook Company can be found at the website.

Once you have your card and begin to use it you will be glad that you are making your Thomas Cook payment online whenever you have a balance to pay off. The convenience of it is something you will be pleased about. If you already pay other credit card bills or other bills such as utility bills or insurance bills online then you will quickly discover that the process  to register is not that much different.

After you apply online for a Thomas Cook card it should take only a few minutes for the company to decide to either approve or decline your desire to do business with them. Once your account has been approved and is active then it should only take a week or so for the card to arrive in the mail. If you decide any time after that that you want to register additional card holders to your credit card account then you are able to do that without having to worry about incurring any extra expenses.

How to make a Thomas Cook Credit Card Payment

there are a number of ways to make a payment to your Thomas Cook credit card. Perhaps the easiest way is by direct debit, this will be automatically collected and drafted from your bank account and ensure that your payment is never late . You can set up a direct debit a number of ways including making a minimum payment, a full payment or a fixed amount. Setting up this type of payment will require at least a minimum payment.

By using the Thomas Cook payment online system not only can you pay your bill online but you can manage your account and you can take a look at your transactions and past transaction history whenever you wish to. You are also able to simply and easily check your travel pounds balance. It really is as simple, safe and efficient as that!

Thomas Cook Credit Card Rewards Program

As a cardholder of the Thomas Cook credit card you will earn travel pounds at a rate of 1% of all your credit card purchases. You can redeem your travel pounds against any holiday or travel products at Thomas Cook. Additionally, you’ll benefit from 0% interest on balance transfers for 9 months (must be within 60 days of account opening and a 2.99% fee applies) and 0% interest for the first 3 months from account opening on all card purchases.

Thomas Cook credit cards frequently updates their special offers page for eligible cardholders. You never know what kind of special programs and deals you will find. Many of the offers are for online consumers only, and include special deals on cruises and travel destinations.



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