BT (British Telecom) Credit Card Payment Online

British Telecom, also known as BT, is one of the principal telecommunications operators in the United Kingdom. They provide broadband internet, television, telephone and mobile phone services with a variety of calling plans and packages to choose from.

BT accounts can be managed online for the most convenience, freedom and security. Customers that register for online billing can instantly view all bills as far back as six months. Call usage and costs can be closely monitored, and service features easily managed. Registering for online billing will also give you money back on your line rental each month if you are also signed up to make payments through direct debit. Paperless statements are also environmentally conscious and eliminate unnecessary paper waste.

Make a BT (British Telecom) Credit Card Payment Online

To make your BT (British Telecom) credit card payment online, you will first need to register your account.

  • The only requirements are a valid email address and current BT account information.
  • You will need to also use a password of a minimum six characters, along with answering a security question and providing a memorable date as a safety measure should you need to be reminded later of your log in details.
  • When making your BT (British Telecom) credit card payment online you will have to log in to your account using the password provided.
  • After this is successfully entered, you will be shown your current account balance. Clicking the “pay now” button, you will have to specify the amount, the bill you intend to pay, and the card or account you wish to withdraw the funds from.
  • You also have options as far as the payment plan you prefer, the monthly payment plan allows you the freedom to specify on a monthly basis the amount you wish to pay, the whole bill direct debit option will automatically deduct the entire bill amount from the card or account initially specified.
  • You can also choose whether or not you want to direct debit the charges monthly or quarterly. You can even pay your bill through a basic transfer from your bank’s current account.

Using the BT online bill paying process is safe, secure and convenient. British Telecom uses standard security socket layer technology to encrypt the information transferred and prevent it from reaching third parties who would misuse it to your disadvantage. It is one of the best ways to protect your personal information and keep you, as a BT customer, from being victimized by fraud and identity theft. Your personal data is always confidential and taken seriously by all BT employees, who will only use it to offer products, goods and services on behalf of British Telecom.

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