The Children’s Place Credit Card Payment Online

Today, more than 953 “The Children’s Place” stores are in operation around the country. This is among the largest retailers in the United States that specialize in children’s clothing and accessories for sizes 0 to 14. Offering consumers with quality and exceptional value, it is no wonder that “The Children’s Place credit cards are in such high demand for parents who want the best for their kids.

One of the unique aspects of this particular company is that rather than just selling great children’s clothing, apparel and accessories are actually designed and then contracted out for manufacturing to guarantee only the highest quality and reasonably priced items are sold under the company name. In addition to consumers having the ability to shop in traditional brick and mortar stores, online shopping is available simply by visiting the company website

The Children’s Place Meeting Consumer Demand

Although offering great children’s clothes and accessories at prices people can affordable is a huge draw to shopping at this company, consumers also appreciate the number of services offered to make every transaction seamless. As a result of dedication and hard work, shoppers are provided with exceptional sales and customer support, along with services to include ease of making a Children’s Place credit card payment online.

Executives realize the easier the overall shopping experience is, especially for parents, the more likely customers will return to buy again. Not only does this involve the process of actually choosing clothing or accessories and then purchasing them in a local store or online, but also services associated with the company’s brand credit card.

In addition, whether purchasing items online or making a Children’s Place credit card payment online, state-of-the-art technology and processes are in place to ensure safety and security of financial and personal information.

The Children’s Place Credit Card Information

Although consumers can purchase clothing items and accessories with other credit cards, many prefer to use the official Children’s Place card, which is offered by Citibank. This credit card boasts a rewards program that allows a person to earn points that can be exchanged for coupons to purchase items from The Children’s Place at a discounted price. Then, once the cardholder has accumulated at least 200 points, Rewards Member status is granted. With this, an additional 10% is taken off items purchases.

Some of the other popular features of this store credit card include the following:

o    Free shipping provided for purchases made through the online store using The Children’s Credit Card

o    Early access to exclusive offers and previews of newly available clothing and accessory items

o    The credit card and its features can be managed easily and securely online

o    The purchase Annual Percentage Rate is 25.99 with a minimum $2 interest rate fee. Additionally, a $25 fee would be charged for late payments on balances of $100 or less, $35 for balances that fall between $101 and $500, and $39 for balances of $501 and greater.

o    If a payment is returned, the person with a Children’s Place credit card would be charge a fee of $39

o    Each billing cycle has a standard 25-day grace period and the card has no annual fee

The Children’s Place Credit Card Application Process

The process for someone interested in securing a Children’s Place credit card is easy. Along with being able to go through the process in the comfort and privacy of home, when application is made via the internet, an individual would receive a bonus 10% discount for purchases made within the first 30 days.

Of course, application for this credit card could also be made at any of the 953 store locations. However, no matter the option chosen, the applicant would need to be a minimum of 18 years of age and possess a valid Social Security number.

While the Children’s Place credit card offers a number of desirable features, it is important to know that the interest rate is actually one of the highest for store cards. Now, for the person who pays off purchases quickly, this would not matter but for someone trying to use the card for purchases but also to improve a poor credit score, it would be best to choose a lower interest card for a different company.

The Children’s Place Credit Card Payment Online

For starters, a person would need to visit the company’s website to register. For this, a user name and password would be chosen and then used for shopping online but also making a Children’s Place credit card payment online. Assistance is provided whenever needed by dedicated customer support experts using the company’s toll-free number. Once registration is complete, the person would have access to the credit card payment section, shopping, and account activity.

  • As stated, this credit card is issued by Citibank, a well-established and reputable financial institution. Prior to registering, an individual should have the state issued ID or driver’s license along with the social security number nearby.
  • On the company’s website, the person would look at the bottom portion of the computer screen to find the section called “Place Card”.
  • From there, the “Apply Online” link would be clicked.
  • Again scrolling down the page, the words “Manage Account Online” would be found, followed by clicking on the link for “Apply Online Now.”
  •  Following the prompted fields, specific information would need to be provided.
  • The company terms and conditions should be reviewed and if agreed, the link to “Continue” would be pressed.
  • Then, before actually submitting the application, information on the application should be reviewed for accuracy.
  • When someone is ready to make a Children’s Place credit card payment online, the company website would again be visited and the “Manage Accounts” section chosen.
  • Within that area of the site, the person would choose the credit card and dollar amount being paid.
  • Again, with the provided information reviewed and confirmed as being accurate.

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