Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment Online

Ann Taylor LOFT is one of the most coveted women’s clothing stores, known for selling high-quality and current trend clothing for business and casual wear. Possessing an Ann Taylor credit card makes it possible for women to purchase the perfect outfit when wanted or when prices are best. A few of the key benefits that come from being an Ann Taylor credit card holder include having access to exclusive offers, receiving $15 off in celebration of birthdays, earning rewards points, and much more.

This alone is enough reason to be an Ann Taylor credit card holder but being able to apply for a card, make payments, and manage the account through available online services makes the credit card for this women’s clothing store even more attractive. The steps involved for making an Ann Taylor credit card payment online have never been easier or safer.

Steps to make a Ann Taylor Credit Card Payment Online

An individual has two choices of Ann Taylor credit cards. The first is the company brand card, which can only be used for making purchases from Ann Taylor LOFT in a store or online. The second option is a brand MasterCard, which allows purchases at Ann Taylor LOFT stores or online, as well as other merchants. Regardless of the card chosen, no annual fee is charged.

Both Ann Taylor credit cards are issued by World Financial Network Bank or WFNNB. As a result, cardholders can make payments on the credit cards by visiting the Ann Taylor website  and clicking on the “credit card” hyperlink at the bottom of the page, or going directly to the WFNNB website .

The cardholder must register on the company website, which includes the “On-Line Bill Payment Terms and Conditions” being read and agreed to prior to the first payment being made. A checking account number and bank routing number for a US financial institution from which money would be withdrawn when making the payment would be provided and while this information can be edited at any time, it is safely and securely maintained to make future payments seamless.

The online system for Ann Taylor LOFT walks the cardholder through a few simple steps, after which time the payment would be submitted. When making a regular payment, no fee is charged although when using the “Same Day Payment” service, there would be a small fee. With the “Same Day Payment” option, the company guarantees processing but only if payment information is entered prior to 11:00 pm EST. Even then, it could take up to two business days for processing. During this time, payment would show as pending, which would clear once posted to the cardholder’s account.

If using this service to pay a full balance, the cardholder should add the applicable fee or it would be added to the next month’s statement. When making a regular payment, money would be withdrawn from the checking account provided, as scheduled. Finally, once a payment has been made, available credit would be adjusted accordingly on the first business day after the online payment processes. Another feature of the online service for an Ann Taylor credit card is the ability to make payments 365 days a year, regardless of holidays and weekend.

Ann Taylor Credit Card Benefits and Features

Because both of the Ann Taylor credit cards are issued from WFNNB, an individual would be required to agree to the WFNNB Credit Card Account Agreement, which covers use of the account. Within the Agreement is a comprehensive list of topics covered, some to include:

  • Cardholder’s Promise
  • Methods of Payment
  • Lost or Stolen Cards
  • Credit Limit
  • Account Cancellation
  • Statements and Billing Periods
  • Attorney Fees and Collection Costs

In addition, interest and charges for the Ann Taylor LOFT brand credit card would include:

  • Varying Annual Percentage Rate
  • Annual Percentage Rate of 25% for Cash Advances
  • Minimum 1% interest
  • No Annual Fee
  • Free Online Statements but $1 Charge for Paper Statements
  • Transfer Fees of 3% per Transfer
  • Cash Progress Charges of $10

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