StanChart Credit Card Payment Online

If you deal with the Standard Chartered Bank then you may wish to learn more about the StanChart credit card payment online facility. The StanChart credit card payment online service that is offered through the bank is very sophisticated and high tech in its operation. All of the StanChart bank websites run SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure that their cardholders do not have to worry about a thing. All user information in this way remains both safe and un-compromised.

Make a StanChart Credit Card Payment Online

If you decide to create an online Standard Chartered account for yourself then you will be presented with a number of benefits that will have you pleased that you made the decision to do your banking online! One of these significant benefits is the opportunity to use the StanChart payment option. But that is only the beginning. Other benefits worth mentioning include:

•    A credit card statement
•    A credit card balance inquiry
•    A balance transfer from another credit card
•    A credit card upgrade
•    An application for an add-on card
•    A request for a credit limit increase

The StanChart credit card payment online service has some limitations that you should become acquainted with if you plan to use the service over the Internet. When it comes to credit card account updates there is a short time period until an update will become obvious. Once you have completed a payment online your account will not be updated until the following business day.

In order to use the online StanChart payment options your computer system requires a minimum hardware and software configuration. You would require a minimum of 32MB RAM, a processor that is higher than 166MHZ and a modem that is over 56 kbps. As well, the StanChart website is optimized in such a way that it is appropriate for a monitor resolution of 800*600.

As far as your credit card transaction history is concerned, you are only able to see the last three billing statements on your account. To view more than that you would need to contact the company to be sent a printout of your account.

Looking at the StanChart credit card payment online system in general, the procedure for making payments is flexible and relatively easy to learn and to use. Many cardholders prefer it over the manual way to make their credit card payments. To learn more about the online service visit the Standard Chartered Bank website at Take the time to learn what you need to know about StanChart credit cards and the online service.

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