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Sears Credit Card Payment Online

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When it is time to pay your Sears card don’t send a check or visit the store in person. Instead register for the Sears Credit Card Payment Online System because it will save you time and plenty of headaches. You can send your payment from your computer at home before you leave for work, or [...]

The Credit Card Interest Rate Information You Need

credit card payments

If you have spent any time at all researching credit card data and interest rate calculations, you probably found yourself feeling a bit dazed and confused.  Certainly, now more than ever, consumers find themselves researching and having to develop and digest technically complex information and data not often presented in the easy to understand, laymen, [...]

Credit Card Minimum Payments: What They Are – And Why You Should Ignore Them

How many credit cards do you have in your wallet, two, four, or even more?  That may be great if you are only carrying a small balance on one of those cards, however, if you are like so many throughout the last three or four decades who have learned to measure their personal wealth merely [...]

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Few people understand how devastating it can for your credit score and credit history if you start falling behind on your payments. Fewer people still realize just how astronomical interest rates on credit cards are once you start missing payments. Credit card companies are sometimes compared to ‘loan sharks’ charging usery rates – that’s how [...]