Barclays India Credit Card Payment Online

Barclays PLC is a British financial institution that happens to be one of the most highly respected of all of the multinational banks found in India. The client base of Barclays India is nine lacs and counting. This bank offers many different financial products and services to individuals, small businesses and larger corporations. The products range from NRI banking to small business loans to personal credit cards and corporate credit cards. What is also worth knowing about this bank is that it offers to its account holders a secure and comprehensive Internet banking facility.

When you make use of the Barclays India credit card payment online service you can pay your credit card, set up automatic payments, check your current balance and view all of your past transactions. The Pay Online system of Barclays India is linked up with approximately 30 other well known banks in the nation. These banks include AXIS Bank, ICICI, the State Bank of India and HDFC. The banks are linked up in such a way that online payments for all credit card bills can be made in a convenient and simple manner.

How to Make a Barclays India Credit Card Payment Online

Using the Barclays India credit card payment system is relatively easy once you get the hang of it. In order to pay your Barclays bill you need to follow a few simple steps.

  • First of all you must go to the website and provide your 16 digit Barclaycard number.
  • The second step is to choose the bank account that you wish your payment to be debited from. Be aware that before you can do this you first must register for the Pay Online service at Barclays India.
  • The third step in the process is to furnish the authentication details. This includes the password for the bank account in question (known as the nominated account) and your net banking user ID.
  • You then need to type in the amount of your payment and then confirm the payment.
  • You can pay the amount of your outstanding balance if you like but you do not have to.

The Barclays credit card payment system is very fast and efficient. Once you make your payment through the online facility it will be debited from your bank account almost instantly. It really is that speedy! If you would like to set up scheduled payment dates for your credit card then you can do that. To do that you first must download the ECS Mandate form from the Barclay credit card website. Send a cancelled cheque and the completed form to the mailing address listed on the form.

Barclays India Credit Card Benefits

There are a number of Barclays India credit cards from which to are some of the benefits you can expect from Barclays India. You have options such as,

  •  MINC dropboxes
  • Skypak dropboxes
  • Online payment
  • VISA money transfer
  • NEFT payment
  • Electronic Clearing System
  • Balance transfer
  • EMI conversion





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