HSBC Canada Credit Card Payment Online

If you have had an HSBC Canada credit card for some time then you are probably use to making your payments either in person at a store or by check through the mail. But now there is a better way to pay your bill- through the HSBC Canada credit card payment online system.

When you use this online service you can view your credit card account, as well as manage it carefully. You can also transfer funds from one account you have to another. You are allowed both inter-bank fund transfers as well as intra-bank ones.

Make HSBC Canada Credit Card Payment Online

To register for this service you must have a bank card as well as a Personal Telephone Banking TelePIN. The steps required to use the online system are relatively straightforward. Let us take a look at them now.

Visit the HSBC Canada credit card website.

  • In order to register to use Personal Internet Banking you should click the link that says “Click the Register.”
  • From there type in your personal access number and click on the button that reads “Go.”
  • Think of a personal verification question and answer that can be used to verify your identity in the future.
  • This will be required when you decide to create a new password for yourself.
  • From there click Continue. You will then be required to answer a series of questions.
  • These questions are used to identify the security credentials you have been given at the HSBC Canada credit card payment online system.
  • Once this is all done then you can proceed to log in to Personal Internet Banking. Scan your eyes to the menu on the right hand side of the screen and click on where it says “Bill Payments.”

Not only must you register yourself to use the banking site but you must register the payees as well.

  • On the menu you will see a section that reads “Add a bill payee.”
  • This is where you want to be. Type in all of the relevant details concerning your HSBC credit card and then promptly add it to your list of payees.
  • Once you do that then under the Bill Payments menu choose the option for “Pay a bill.”

From the dropdown menu choose the payee, which in this case happens to be your HSBC credit card. Fill in the details for payments and then choose which account you would like to pay your bill from. The last thing you must do is confirm the payment to whoever the biller is. Now you are all set to use the system!

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